The following employees have dedicated a significant portion of their lives to the Mansfield School District and its students. 

Thank you for all of your service in nurturing and educating Mansfield’s youth.

Current Employees

Gina Adams 

Debra Allen 

Christie Blaine

Janet Brooke

Cindy Delcour

Jacquelyn Engel

Tiffany Gray

Erin Greene

Brenda Hutton

Patricia Ivy 

Kelley Jones 

Wendy Langley

Scott Lawson

Mindy Lemons 

Debora Letsinger

Kala Melton 

Brenda Miller

Kelly Moody

John Nichols

Patricia Roy

Jodie Sell

Barbara Williams

Former Employees 

Carol Anderson

Marsha Appleby

Kathleen Barnett

Bill Bennett

Steve Baty

Vicki Blankenship

Vicki Box

Connie Calhoun

Edwina Carnal

Cleo Chambers 

Dallas Chambers

Naomi Clouse

Jean Coday

Frances Coday

Stan Coday

Twila Collins

Elaine Crump

Pat Dennis

Bill Ghan

Kay Goss

Linda Graham

Susie Graham

Bill Gray

Max Greene

Verlin Hall

Carol Hanger

Don Hanger

Patty Hanger

Jean Helsley

Teresa Jarrett

Avenail Jones 

Doug Jones

Cheryl Keith

Kay Lansdown

Helen Lawrence

Theresa (Teri) Leonard

Janet Mitchell

Becky Moody

Nate Moore

Kathryn Nichols

Ronnie Roy 

Cheri Rummens

Roy Ryan

Robert Perry 

Pam Probert

Cindy Sanders

Debbie Sanders

Kay Scrivner 

Kathy Short

Marge Short 

Randy Short 

Eric Spyres 

Terry Spyres

Donna Streight 

Nancy Veit

Dorthy Wallace

Wilda Watterson 

Roger Wood

This document is currently under development. If you are aware of any individuals whom you believe should be included in our Wall of Fame, we encourage you to contact Dr. Walker at Please provide relevant information to ensure a comprehensive and accurate representation of those who have made significant contributions to our school and community.