Future Farmers of America 

2024 Kaylee Cantrell

State FFA Degree

2024 Brock Gray 

State FFA Degree

2023 Trevor Williams 

American FFA Degree

2023 State FFA Knowledge Team

Chance Adamson

Emma Matney

Chloe Napier 

Chloe Scofield

2022 American FFA Degree

Natalie Quick-Emerick

2022 State FFA Degree

Madix Gray

Chloe Lemons

Trevor Williams

2022 State FFA Proficiency Award - Goat Production

Trevor Williams

2021 American FFA Degree

Shyanne Frecks

2021 State FFA Degrees

Brayden Barnett

Sadey Equivelly

Natalie Quick

2021 State FFA Beef Production Entrepreneurship

Brayden Barnett

2021 State FFA Outdoor Recreation

Natalie Quick

2020 FFA Entomology Team

Sadey Equivelley, Christin Gayer, Natalie Quick, Dixie Williams

FFA State Choir

Dixie Williams

2020 State FFA Degree

Christin Gayer

Shyanne Frecks

Hailey Indendi

Josie Lansdown

2005 State Convention

Poultry Team (11th) - Kati Sherman, Cory Walker, Connie Quirk, Sidney Tucker

Dairy Cattle Team (12th) - Kate Probert, Kristin Campbell, Toby Shelhamer, Amanda Hilton

2005 State Degree

Kate Probert

Josh Pyle 

2004 State Proficiency Recipients

Josh Pyle 

Cassie Sanders

2004 State Convention

Poultry Team (7th) - Cassie Sanders, Brendan Keeling, Toby Shelhamer, Kristin Campbell

Floriculture Team (14th) - Jacki Feldhaus, Kate Probert, Hannah Maggard

Farm Management Team (19th) - Zac Blevins, Tyler Rummens, Paul Moody

2004 State Degree

Brittany Hilton

Becky Slate

Jacki Felfhaus

2004 State Proficiency Recipients

Jaron Keeling 

Brittany Hilton

Cassie Sanders won the FFA National Agricultural Science Project in Engineering in 2004 

1969 American FFA Degree

James Brixey

1969 State FFA Degree

David Cravens, Bennie Schrhachtenbe

This document is currently under development. If you are aware of any individuals whom you believe should be included in our Wall of Fame, we encourage you to contact Dr. Walker at jwalker@mansfieldschool.net. Please provide relevant information to ensure a comprehensive and accurate representation of those who have made significant contributions to our school and community.