2006 Science Fair

Summit Conference 

Nicole Gage and Jordan Dooley - Best of Show

Cassie Sanders - Engineering trophy 

Kellie Hutton - Botany trophy 

Kati Sherman- Biochemistry trophy 

Kristin Campbell- Math/Computers trophy 

Kody Reynolds and Dustin Taylor - Zoology trophy 

Ozark Science & Engineering 

Chelsea House - Biochemistry - 1st Place

Kati Sherman - Biochemistry - 2nd Place

Connie Quirk- Botany - 2nd Place

Bryce Matlock and Brittany Keeling- Botany - 4th Place

Bobby Cubellis and Elliot Johns - Computer Science - 3rd Place

Toby Shelhammer - Earth/Space Science 2nd Place

Cassie Sanders - Engineering - 2nd Place

Kristin Campbell- Mathematics - 1st Place

Paige Hoover - Microbiology - 3rd Place

Chelsea Jones - Zoology 2nd Place

Andy Morris and Marcus Sherman - Zoology - 3rd Place

Regional Science and Technology

Kati Sherman - Environmental Science - 1st Place

Cassie Sanders - Technology - 1st Place

Kellie Hutton - Life Science - 2nd Place

Kristln Campbell - Math 1st Place

Jordan Dooley and Nicole Gage - Physical Sciences - 1st Place

2005 Science Fair

Kate Probert - 1st place

Craig Campbell - 2nd place

Chelsea House - 2nd place

Cassie Sanders - 2nd place

Kristin Campbell - 2nd place

Marqee' Snokhous - 3rd place

Alex Miller - 3rd place

Tim Shelhamer - 3rd place

Amanda Hilton - 4th place

Rebecca Barlett - 4th place

Toby Shelhamer - 4th place

Ryan Wright - 4th place

Shane Norell - 4th place

Adam Keith - 4th place

2004 Science Fair

Julie Hutton - Microbiology

Summit Conference Trophy 

SMSU West Plains 2nd Place

Cody Elliott - Earth/ Space Science

Summit Conference Trophy  

SMSU West Plains 1st Place

Mike Moody - Behavioral Science

Summit Conference Trophy 

SMSU West Plains HM

Kristin Quick - Botany

Summit Conference Blue Ribbon

SMSU West Plains HM

Cassie Sanders - Engineering

Summit Conference Blue Ribbon

SMSU West Plains 1st Place

Garret Keith - Environmental Sciences

Summit Conference Blue Ribbon

SMSU West Plains 2nd Place

Tyler Thompson - Physics

Summit Conference Red Ribbon

SMSU West Plains 3rd Place

2003 Science Fair

2003 Brittany Hilton

Summit Conference Red Ribbon

Rolla Science Fair 2nd Place 

SMSU West Plains 2nd Place

Cory Letsinger 

Summit Conference Best in Show 

Rolla Science Fair 1st Place 

SMSU West Plains 1st Place

SMSU West Plains Conservation Award

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