2024 Summit Conference 

Kellen Campbell - 2nd in Algebra 1 individual.

Kellen Campbell, Tess Nicolosi, & Jack Rummens - 1st in Algebra 1 team

Kyndall Cody, Laikyn Ball, and Hannah Weaver - 1st in Algebra 2 team

2006 Summit Conference 

Kati Sherman - Algebra Il - Team - 1st Place

Derrick Cross - Algebra I - 2nd Place

Derrick Cross,  Tara Robinson, Miranda Brook - Algebra I Team - 2nd Place

Rachel Sowers - Geometry - 2nd Place

Kati Sherman, Connie Quirk, Lauren Rummens - Algebra Il Team - 2nd Place

Chelsea House - Trigonometry - 2nd Place

Kristin Campbell, Chelsea House, Blake Miller - Trigonometry Team - 3rd Place

Megan Sowers - Advanced Math - 4th Place

College of the Ozarks 2006 Math Competition

Lauren Rummens - Algebra l- 2nd Place

Connie Quirk  - Algebra l- 2nd Place

Kati Sherman - Algebra l- 2nd Place

Kellie Hutton - Algebra l- 2nd Place

Toby Shelnammer - Trigonometry - 4th Place

Julle Hutton -Trigonometry - 4th Place

Kristln Campbell - Open - 4th Place

Chelsea House - Open - 4th Place

Blake Miller - Open - 4th Place

Megan Sowers- Open - 4th Place

2005 Summit Conference 

Jackie Emerick - 1st place

Kelly Quirk - 1st place

Tron Sherman - Algebra 2nd place

Rachel Sowers - Algebra 2nd place

Paige Lambert - Fractions, Decimals, Percents 3rd place

2004 Summit Conference 

Chelsea House - Geometry, Red Ribbon

Toby Shelhamer  - Geometry, Red Ribbon

Toby Shelhamer - Geometry, Red Ribbon

Julie Hutton - Algebra II, Silver Medal

Cassie Sanders - Algebra II, Silver Medal

Megan Sowers - Algebra II, Silver Medal

Alex Miller - Trigonometry, Silver Medal

Tim Shelhamer  - Trigonometry, Silver Medal

Craig Campbell - Trigonometry, Silver Medal

Tyler Rummens - Advanced Math, Blue Ribbon

Zac Blevins - Advanced Math, Blue Ribbon

Cody Elliott  - Advanced Math, Blue Ribbon

College of the Ozarks 2004 Math Competition

Chelsea House - Geometry, 2nd place

Kristin Campbell - Geometry, 2nd place

Toby Shelhamer - Geometry, 2nd place

Julie Hutton - Algebra II, 2nd place

Cassie Sanders - Algebra II, 2nd place

Megan Sowers - Algebra II, 2nd place

Alex Miller - Trigonometry, 2nd place

Tim Shelhamer  - Trigonometry, 2nd place

Craig Campbell - Trigonometry, 2nd place

Tyler Rummens - Open, 2nd place

Zack Flageolle - Open, 2nd place

Zac Blevins - Open, 2nd place

Cody Elliott  - Open, 2nd place

Leo Rothacker - Open, 2nd place

Brittany Keeling - Algebra I, 3rd place 

Katie Sherman - Algebra I, 3rd place 

Lauren Rummens - Algebra I, 3rd place 

2003 Summit Conference 

Mansfield 1st Place 

Tristan Dennis - Pre-Algebra, Gold Medal

LeAnn Kendall - Pre-Algebra, Gold Medal 

Cody Calhoun - Pre-Algebra, Gold Medal

Blake Miller - Algebra I,  Gold Medal

Adam St. Laurent - Algebra I, Gold Medal

Kendall Findley - Algebra I, Gold Medal

Cassie Sanders - Geometry, Gold Medal

Michael Fuge - Geometry, Gold Medal

Julie Hutton - Geometry, Gold Medal

Alex Miller - Algebra II, Gold Medal

Tim Shelhamer - Algebra II, Gold Medal

Craig Campbell - Algebra II, Gold Medal

Tyler Rummens - Advanced Math, Gold Medal

Cody Elliott - Advanced Math, Gold Medal

Josh Venable - Advanced Math, Gold Medal

Cassie Sanders - Geometry, Champion Trophy

Craig Campbell - Algebra II, Champion Trophy

Julie Hutton - Geometry, Silver Metal

Alex Miller - Algebra II, Blue Ribbon 

College of the Ozarks 2003 Math Competition

Mansfield 3rd Place 

Blake Miller - Algebra I, 2nd place 

Chelsea House - Algebra I, 2nd place 

Alex Miller - Algebra I, 4th place

Craig Campbell - Algebra I, 4th Place 

Cassie Sanders - Geometry, 5th place

Julie Hutton - Geometry, 5th place

Zac Blevins - Trigonometry, 6th place

Josh Venable - Trigonometry, 6th place

Tyler Rummens -Open, 6th place

Cody Elliott - Open, 6th place

Pummill Relays SMSU

Alex Miller - Algebra 1 1st place

Megan Sowers - Geometry Bronze

Evan Jones - Geometry Bronze 

Cassie Sanders - Geometry  Bronze

This document is currently under development. If you are aware of any individuals whom you believe should be included in our Wall of Fame, we encourage you to contact Dr. Walker at jwalker@mansfieldschool.net. Please provide relevant information to ensure a comprehensive and accurate representation of those who have made significant contributions to our school and community.