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Wendy Langly
wlangly @ mansfieldschool.net
Patti Miller
pmiller @ mansfieldschool.net
Kelly Jones
kellyjones @ mansfieldschool.net
First Grade
Patty Hanger
phanger @ mansfieldschool.net
Kim Johnson
kjohnson @ mansfieldschool.net
Christy Cannon
ccannon @ mansfieldschool.net
Second Grade
Pauline Whorton
PWhorton @ mansfieldschool.net
Edwina Carnal
ecarnal @ mansfieldschool.net
June Hanger
JHanger @ mansfieldschool.net
Third Grade
Jaci Engel
jengel @ mansfieldschool.net
Linda Graham
lgraham @ mansfieldschool.net
Erin Greene
egreene @ mansfieldschool.net
Fourth Grade
Carol Anderson
canderson @ mansfieldschool.net
Tammy Bennett
tbennett @ mansfieldschool.net
Amy Rhodes
arhodes @ mansfieldschool.net
Fifth Grade
Cindy Delcour
cdelcour @ mansfieldschool.net
Klaron Cogdill
kcogdill @ mansfieldschool.net
Jodie Sell
jsell @ mansfieldschool.net
Sheryl Aspegren
saspegren @ mansfieldschool.net
Nurses Office
Jennifer Morris
jmorris @ mansfieldschool.net
Pre-K & Parents as Teachers
Cherri Rummens
crummens @ mansfieldschool.net
Kathy Short(P.A.T.)
kshort @ mansfieldschool.net
Ginger Gastineau(Speech)
ggastineau @ mansfieldschool.net
Carol Gott (Title1)
cgott @ mansfieldschool.net
Carol Hanger (Title1)
changer @ mansfieldschool.net
Cindy Shrable (Title1)
cshrable @ mansfieldschool.net
Janet Mitchell (Title1)
jmitchell @ mansfieldschool.net
Kendra Snow (Title1)
ksnow @ mansfieldschool.net
Brenda Quick (Reading First)
bquick @ mansfieldschool.net
Physical Education
Mindy Lemons
mlemons @ mansfieldschool.net
Cody Shelton
cshelton @ mansfieldschool.net
Brandi Hallford(Music)
bhallford @ mansfieldschool.net
Beth Ann Strain (Librarian)
bastrain @ mansfieldschool.net
Rochelle Brazeal (Art)
rbrazeal @ mansfieldschool.net
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